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We are dedicated to creating profound innovations in drug development and clinical trial management for animal health, wellness, and disease treatment.
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We are animal lovers first and foremost at Anivive Lifesciences. We have brought together a team with experience running over a thousand animal clinical trials with a diverse mix of expertise in the areas of biotechnology, veterinary medicine, software development, and chemistry. Using this cumulative knowledge, we seek to pioneer breakthroughs in animal medicine, but also transform old and outdated methods in conducting clinical trials to more efficient methods for the 21st century. We employ experts throughout the US with the goal of rapidly advancing the state of veterinary research and providing nationwide veterinary access to the latest advancements in medicine.
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Anivive's modernization of the clinical trial management means critical, life-saving drugs can be developed more efficiently and economically. We harness the latest digital technology to ensure higher rates of owner and vet participation, adherence to the trial protocols and decreases study time and cost to ensure faster drug approval.

We've got a giant network of specialists and veterinarians all over the US that can be geographically matched with suitable pet owners and patients.

Our platform helps bring together these two and provide the public with state-of-the-art drug therapy that would not be possible years ago.

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Our platform makes the entire process from signing up to the end of the trial a much more pleasant experience.

From finding a specific study, to evaluating requirements, adhering to the trial program, and monitoring its status on our platform, AniviveTrial helps guide pet owners easily through a sometimes overwhelming experience to achieve a successful study outcome for everyone involved.

We help pioneer

advances in animal

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