Our goal is to connect your pet to the latest developments in medicine through clinical trials, providing your pet with the best potential treatment and decreasing the time until these advancements are available to other pet owners.
Cell phone.
STEP 1: You'll get a call
An AniviveTrial research coordinator with expertise in this particular study indication will contact you to discuss the details of the study and answer any questions you may have.
Clipboards and medical equipment.
STEP 2: Your pet will get screened
Over the phone, you'll answer some eligibility questions with us and send us any relevant medical records. You'll then take your pet to one of our clinical research sites for a physical exam and various tests.
Your results will then be reviewed by the study veterinarians to confirm eligibility.
Woman having conversation.
STEP 3: We'll speak with your primary vet
We'll speak with your primary veterinarian to answer questions they have regarding the study, and gather any other information to verify eligibility.
Clipboards and medical equipment.
STEP 4: Your pet will participate
You'll receive access to the Anivive smartphone app, which will be used as your hub for the trial.
Schedule appointments
Get reminders for surveys and trial doses
Communicate with study veterinarians at any time
Clipboards and medical equipment.
STEP 5: You'll complete participation
Once you've completed the trial, you'll have helped advance the therapeutic options available to veterinarians and provided your pet with the latest treatments available.
You will continue normal care with your primary veterinarian and can receive news and updates about future research opportunities.